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"2004 NEWW-Polska & NEWW Gender Budgeting Initiatives (GBI) in CEE/NIS region".
The idea of the project began in April 2003, when UNIFEM along with Heinrich Boell Fundation, Global Fund for Women and NEWW provided support for a regional conference on gender and economics organized by The Network of East West Women-Polska. The main outcome of the conference, which was held in Gdansk, Poland between 14th and 18th of April, was the establishment of a gender budget working group that shares information and experience in the region on gender budget analysis. The main aim of this planning meeting was to plan the activities and the scope of the project. The strategic planning meeting brought together round 25 practitioners from regions where UNIFEM has already launched gender budget initiatives and other economic experts from UNIFEM and from academia. They were selected by the special committee consisting of experts in the field of "gender budgeting". Participants presented their commitment to the initiative and were looking at the possibilities of launching "Gender Budget Initiatives in the CEE/NIS region". This planning meeting served to develop the strategies of popularizing the tool of GB in our region.
Raport from the conference: Gender Budgeting, 2004
Funders of the conference:
Fundacja Heinricha Boella
Global Fund for Women