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Second Gender Policy Conference "Women and Economy", Gdansk 2003
In April 2003, NEWW and NEWW-Polska held second Gender Policy Conference, "Women and Economy," in Gdansk, Poland. Over 60 women from 18 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, the Newly Independent States and the Russian Federation (CEE/NIS), the United States and the European Union participated in the conference. The Conference focused on three areas of economic policymaking: European Structural Funds, Gender Budgeting and Foreign Direct Investment.
The Conference was a direct result of the widespread impact of NEWW's first Gender Policy Conference in 2001 and NEWW-Polska's and NEWW's Conference follow-on projects: Gender and Economic Justice in the EU Accession and Integration and Women's Economic Justice Network, both funded by UNIFEM and Economic and Social Policy Fellowship Program, funded by the Ford Foundation. The first Conference aimed at identifying points of policy intervention where women's NGOs could influence various economic processes such as structural adjustment and the flexiblization of labor standards. The conclusion from the 2001 Conference was that there is an urgent need to address the lack of economic information, resources and expertise on economic transformation that women's NGOs in CEE/NIS can use to more effectively participate in economic and social policy decision-making in their countries, regionally and internationally.
Raport from the conference:
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Fundacja Heinricha Boella,
Global Fund for Women,