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The members of NEWW

More than 80 organizations are currently members of the NEWW- network. They come from over 30 different countries all over the globe. The major part of them comes from the region of CEE and NIS. These are namely: Ukraine, Georgia, Poland, Montenegro, Slovakia, Macedonia, Yugoslavia, Armenia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Romania, Moldova, Albania, Kosovo, Russia, Georgia, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Tajikistan, Bulgaria and Hungary. Moreover there are a couple of organizations from North America, that is the USA and Canada. One member-organization comes from Spain. In Asia we have members in Nepal, Pakistan and also India. Organizations from Ghana and Cameroon joined from Africa. Finally there is one organization from Haiti that is a part of the NEWW- network.
So NEWW connects members from all over the world, and not exclusively from the CEE/NIS region and the USA.
The different organizations cover a wide range of areas of activism and deal with various core issues.
The majority of them chose achieving gender equality and enforcing women's human rights as their main task. They try to reach this goal via different activities such as legal aid, psychological counseling or distributing information on female health. Some of these organizations also offer in-house protection for women threatened by domestic violence. Projects promoting a more active role and professional careers of women in all areas of society such as decision-making, science and media are also being conducted. Several of the organizations link their activities for women to a sustainable development of society in terms of democracy and environment. These organizations not only count women to their clients but all discriminated persons and minority groups of society. These are homosexuals mainly.
A few of our members focus on gender equality in a scientific sense: they conduct gender studies. Trafficking in women and it's prevention is another important filed of activity of some of our member-organizations. An organization for single parents, a gallery establishing a relationship between culture and education are two examples of very specific activities carried out by the single organizations.
Nora Lucassen, Johannes Gutenberg, Universität Mainz, NEWW-Polska trainee, November – December 2004