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Violence against women: an EU-wide survey. Main results report

March 2014 This FRA survey is the first of its kind on violence against women across the 28 Member States of the European Union (EU). It is based on interviews with 42,000 women across the EU,
2014-03-15 20:27:17 / 71 readings
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Comment on the Situation in Ukraine from Lviv Women NGO

We, as women's NGO calls on the community to take more strong power actions to the Heads of States who violate international treaties and do not respect the sovereignty of other countries. - A letter send by Iryna Trokhym, our friend from Lviv
2014-03-03 18:10:40 / 124 readings
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Ewa Partum - New Publication in Poland

Book and Journal Project of the Network of East-West Women is proud to support a new publication of Ewa Partum monograph book.
2014-02-27 21:11:51 / 194 readings
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Raport on the Situation of Men and Women in the Baltic Sea Region

During 2013, the UBC Commission on Gender Equality has been realizing a second raport on the situation of men and women in the Baltic Sea region
2014-02-27 13:01:49 / 102 readings
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Punish the Client, not the Prostitute

Press release - Women's rights/Equal opportunities − 26-02-2014 - 14:00
2014-02-26 18:07:40 / 468 readings
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New EWL Secretary General appointed: we welcome Joanna Maycock!

[Brussels, 3 February 2014] The European Women’s Lobby (EWL) is happy to announce the appointment of its new Secretary General : Joanna Maycock, who will take the position on May 19th 2014.
2014-02-09 19:24:57 / 192 readings
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Cartier Seeks Exceptional Women Entrepreneurs – Apply Before February 28, 2014

The call for applications for the 2014 edition of the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards has started.
2014-02-09 19:02:47 / 157 readings
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Support for Ukrainian Struggle from Polish NGOs

In January 2014, 326 Polish organisations signed a statement of solidarity with the Ukrainian NGOs. NEWW was one of the signatories of the statement.
2014-02-03 21:49:36 / 143 readings
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HOLOCAUST - Women - Sexualized Violence

By Lauren Wolfe Virtually unexplored until recently, sexualized violence in the Holocaust took many forms, faces, and insidious paths.
2014-01-26 23:15:49 / 212 readings
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In Three Weeks We RISE!

Activists in 169 countries on six continents, including newest additions - Albania, Benin, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Georgia, Guyana, Jamaica, Lesotho, Luxembourg, and Slovenia – are planning to RISE.
2014-01-26 23:05:37 / 171 readings
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2013 Book and Journal Report is Available On-line

Since 1991, the NEWW Book and Journal Project has supported the exchange of ideas and knowledge between women's movements in the U.S and Central and Eastern Europe, the Newly Independent States and Russia (CEE/NIS/Russia). The Project has aided in the establishment of gender studies and women's rights centers and libraries, and has supported original research and publications on women's changing situation throughout CEE/NIS/Russia.
2014-01-20 09:12:39 / 394 readings
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Adult Literacy Teaching - Free European Training Seminar

We invite you to participate in the free, international advanced training seminar for full- or part-time tutors and teachers in adult literacy programs.

2013-12-15 10:45:25 / 251 readings